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Nomatter how hard I try & ask you to subscribe, it won’t be as good as this video

Stupid subscribe video

I noticed recently that this blog gets a lot of viewers (I assume all cool roleplayers & writers like yourself), but not many actually subscribe, which would make it a whole lot easier for you. Subscribing by email means you’ll get a friendly email reminder when we publish a new blog.

I’ve thought long and hard how to ask you to subscribe, but it’ll never be as cool or funny as this video:

Sorry did I say “cool”? I meant “weird”.

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You don’t have to subscribe by email (although tbh it’s the easiest way), you could also use a news aggregator like Feedly or Flipboard, which have quite cool phone & tablet apps. Perfect for just flicking through and reading our latest articles.

We want your articles & roleplaying expertise

This blog’s actually pretty damn good. It’s good because it’s a place for roleplayers to share their expertise about running games, crafting stories, creating NPCs, managing players etc etc, and tbh I can’t find another blog like it. Most of the big roleplay blogs are for tabletop roleplaying. It”s also good because we publish articles written by loads of different authors, and that’s something we can broaden. If you haven’t yet written an article for this blog, have a good think about what you could contribute. Even something you think might be completely mundane might be golden nuggets of experience that a newbie GM would love to hear about.

So get in touch and write an article for us to share your roleplaying experience. Plus, all articles can link to your game, which is a great way to get other roleplayers to get to know about your game.

Even if you want to write something but don’t know what, message me on Facebook and we can chat about a good article idea.