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The new way to select characters mentioned in a post

Select a character is now easierHere’s an update that was originally asked for by Phantasmagoria, who a while ago asked in our Facebook group for a better ways to select characters mentioned in a post. The problem was, that games with too many characters got too difficult to select them from a drop-down box.

The new solution shows a character’s thumbnail image, making them easier to find. Hopefully!

Creating new post, with 3 characters selected

This feature was implemented by Locke from Blue Dwarf who’s helped out loads recently with coding new improvements for the website.

Here’s the old way we used to select characters “mentioned” in a post. Originally I called this “tagging”, but tbh I think that’s too easily confused with this kind of tagging.

We’ve made quite a few new improvements recently. Here’s a list of the latest.