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How to get your character noticed – Make them memorable

orion girl star trek

DavidLast month I posted roleplay advice from Kepler Station’s guide to roleplaying. As roleplaying can be a tough hobby to get into, it’s great when games post useful guides. Another piece of advice posted by Kepler station is the chapter about how to get your character noticed. It might be difficult to make your character stand out, so here’s what Kepler Station’s guide says about getting a character noticed:

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New way to tag characters on a post by searching

Got loads of characters?

too many characters

Ok yeah this might be quite a lot! The screenshot above was taken by Leon from his game Spellbound, which has quite a few characters!  Read More


The new way to select characters mentioned in a post

Select a character is now easierHere’s an update that was originally asked for by Phantasmagoria, who a while ago asked in our Facebook group for a better ways to select characters mentioned in a post. The problem was, that games with too many characters got too difficult to select them from a drop-down box. Read More