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Outpost 42 News is Here! They Report & Decide for You!

This article was published at the request of Major Tom, the Editor-in-Chief of Outpost 42 News, a fledgling news website for the simming & online role playing community.

Outpost 42 News is dedicated to providing you with the fastest, latest, and most relevant news about the simming and online role playing community.  In fact, we’re the most trusted fair & balanced name in news!  We will never let you down!

First six articles:

Bravo Fleet JAG Finds Defendant Not Guilty
April 1, 2018
BRAVO FLEET COMMAND HQ–Captain Duke Hogg was found not guilty by Bravo Fleet JAG on Monday of treason, conspiracy, sedition, mutiny, and being a general asshole.  Of the 8,694 cases brought before the JAG prior to Hogg’s, all 8,694 resulted in convictions on all counts…

Charles Starr Wins Miss Congeniality Award
April 2, 2018
IRC CHAT ROOM–Simming celebrity & Internet personality Charles Starr was recently presented with the Miss Congeniality Award at the annual Who’s Who of Simming Banquet & Beauty Contest.  He received 100% of the vote from his peers…

I Set out to Find Who’s Been Star Trek Simming the Longest: The Results Might Surprise You
April 3, 2018
I’ve been online role playing for 20, maybe even 30 years now.  During that time, one question has always lingered in the back of my mind:  Have I been simming in the Star Trek universe longer than anyone else…

Study: Simming Linked to Climate Change
April 15, 2018
CAMBRIDGE–Scientists at the University of Cambridge published a study today linking simming and online role playing to climate change.  According to the report, the Earth’s average surface temperature has skyrocketed since simming first became popular in the 1990s…

Starbase 400,000 Wins a Record 14th Simming Prize in a Row
April 25, 2018
STOCKHOLM–Starbase 400,000 was awarded a record 14th consecutive Prize for Simming and Online Role Playing in Memoryof Seth Cotis on Tuesday.  No other person, place, or thing has won more than two prizes…

Fleet Admiral Tristan Wolf of UFOPP: Starbase 11001001 Releases Rap Single to Boost Recruitment
May 1, 2018
HOLLYWOOD–Fleet Admiral Tristan Wolf of UFOPP: Starbase 11001001 dropped a new rap song late yesterday in an effort to increase recruiting at his fleet after years of stagnant growth.  Wolf produced, directed, and mixed the song.  He also played all instrumental parts and sang lead vocals…

Stay tuned for more!