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StatCat – Highest rated users

statcat2StatCat is back! This time the clever moggy has found for us who are the users with the highest post ratings so far this year.

What are post ratings?

StatCat thought you’d ask this (isn’t he clever?) so he asked me to include this screenshot:

Post rating

People can rate posts of games they’re a member of. You’ll see 5 stars at the bottom of each post, where you can click and give this post a rating. Users will be able to see which of their posts are rated on their dashboard, but all votes are anonymous.

There’s more written about post ratings here.

Highest rated users – 2014 so far…

To calculate the values below StatCat has added up all the ratings for all posts into points. For example a user with 10 points might have got 2 ratings of 5, or 5 ratings of 2. But I won’t bore you of the technicalities (that’s StatCat’s job).

Mrxanadu Score: 636
KarateAddi Score: 369
Tear of Blood Score: 358
Mobius64 Score: 309
Angfaulith Score: 213
nightscarling Score: 179
Embrystical Score: 140
LukeHerberd Score: 125
Johnny Score: 115
Captain Dinosaur Score: 110

Thanks StatCat! (he’s sleeping)