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New feature: Rating member posts

Here’s a new feature that we’ve recently added to OngoingWorlds. There’s nothing better than receiving feedback to help you improve your writing. We’ve added a new feature that allows you to rate other posts to let the author know how good it was.

How to rate posts

When you read through posts in your game written by other members you’ll see 5 stars at the bottom. These will show the current rating for the post, showing the average rating that everyone else has given.

Rate posts

See your ratings

When you login to OngoingWorlds you’ll be shown your personal profile where you will see all the ratings you’ve been given, and in which game. All ratings are anonymous, and you won’t be able to see who rated you.

Your ratings

Why did we add this?

Many people work really hard on the stories they create in their roleplaying games, and think about how often you congratulate them on writing a really good story. This is just one of the ways we’re hoping to make contributors feel like they’re getting something back for all the hard work they put in. If people like their post, they only have to click to give them a great rating.

Another way to reward your members might be to give them an award but this is only something that a moderator in a game can do, rating another members post is something that any member of your game can do.

Don’t forget to tweet and like your posts

Also bundled into this latest update of the website, we’ve added a Facebook “like” button, and Tweet button. Clicking these will share the post to your followers and friends, and help advertise your game. One of your friends might be really interested in joining but won’t know about your game unless you tell them!