Sci-fi western? Zombie romance? Multiple new categories available

Cowboy aliens roleplay

This feature was requested a while ago, and I forgot who asked for it (own up in the comments below!). And I thought it was a good idea. Instead of having just one game category, you can now have severalContinue reading Sci-fi western? Zombie romance? Multiple new categories available

New image upload size

Cropping a manatee avatarHey dudes, just wanted to let you know that I’ve upped the size of the image that gets used for the game profile and character profiles. The maximum size is now 460 x 345.

You can (and always have been) able to upload images much larger than this, but it’s always been crunched down to a much smaller size by the crop tool. Continue reading New image upload size

Ideas for future articles


Hey roleplayer dudes, thank everyone who submitted to our survey that I emailed out to all members. We’ve now collected lots of information and I’ll be using it to improve the site.

One of the questions asked what sort of articles you’d like to see here on the blog, and here are the results:  Continue reading Ideas for future articles

Progress for perks

You might already know that OngoingWorlds has a few unlockable perks (we’ve blogged about them before here), and there’s more being developed soon (can’t tell you much about that right now though).

One of the perks for new members is to be able to unlock formatting options. The change I’ve made this weekend is for these new members to see progress until their next perk.

Progress bar showing personal progress Continue reading Progress for perks