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Ratings are back. Back again. Ratings are back. Tell a friend!

post ratings on member profile About a month ago I removed post ratings. From the stats I could collect, this was an under-used feature, and I wanted to clean up the interface to focus on the important things, the post itself. Also I wanted to see if anyone actually noticed or cared they were removed.

It took about a week before someone asked me. We had a discussion in the OW Facebook group about this, and Max & Cheridan advocated for it to be returned, as well as an anonymous user on Tib’s survey.

So they’re back! You’ll see a 5-star system on every post in a game you’re a member of, and ratings that you receive will appear on your “My games” page.

There’s more info about post ratings here.

Question though…

There was some discussion in the Facebook group whether people should be able to rate posts on games where they’re not a member. This could be good because it could encourage users by getting more good ratings, or depressing if people get bad ratings from people they don’t know.

What do you think? Can we have a vote in the comments below? Just write “yes, free ratings for all!” or “No, only members should rate!”.

  • Mrxanadu

    It doesn’t really matter in my opinion, ratings are an anonymous way for whomever reads your post to give you feedback.

  • Angfaulith

    I am rather happy that our lobbying for the ratings to return payed off. In our little corner of OW we used it frequently. Just about every post gets a rating, but at the same time we post less than 20times a month, so its understandable that in the grand scheme of things they dont show up much when you crunh the numbers for the entire site.

    And when that is said 5 stars are a lot better than a thumbs up or thumbs down.