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4 websites all roleplayers should know about


RPG-D is a social network for roleplayers. There’s a directory section where you can place an advertisement for your game, which will slip down the list over time, so it’s worth coming back once a month to bump it back up to the top. You can do this by simply writing “bump” or anything tbh, but I find this a bit tacky, so what I do is write a short summary of events that’s happened since the last time I posted, which is much more interesting to read, and useful for any users reading the advert. What I usually do is copy the summary from my game’s featured story summary. RPG-D also has a popular discussion forum where you can discuss all aspects of roleplaying with other interested roleplayers. There’s plenty of smart and cool people there, and it’s crazy popular! There’s also a blog area where you can write updates about your roleplay.

Roleplayhub is a discussion forum mostly about tabletop roleplay games, but don’t be scared off by that. There is a section on the forums for play-by-post games here. But compared to the frantic RPG-D above, this moves at a snails pace, which is a bit easier to manage tbh, and there’s some cool people there to talk to. Roleplayhub also has a directory submissions section where there’s a section for play-by-post games.


This is a site you can submit pretty much anything. You can submit a game listing here, or a link (tbh these get a bit muddled IMO, but I think I “link” is intended for a portal or site with many games). Or if you have an event you want to promote, you can do this here. There’s also a section for “articles” where I’ve been sharing articles originally posted her, there’s no strict submission guidelines so be careful what you read here, it could be completely biased! It’s dofficult to say how many people will read an article published here, but PBEMPlayers always appears very highly in Google for the search term “PBEM” which many people might be using to find games like ours (although I think play-by-post is more descriptive nowadays).

The RP

RPR is a close-knit community of roleplayers, but the site can be used to advertise your game by creating a profile to showcase your character. There’s a how-to guide here. There’s also a decent blog maintained by the extremely talented and gorgeous Kim, the site creator & owner. There’s a directory where you can list your games here and specify how many players you’re looking for to join. What’s interesting about RPRs system is that adverts only remain for 10 minutes, allowing not much time for potential members to see and join you.