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Games Directory re-appears after long hiatus

ScreenshotEdit: It appears not long after this website re-appeared, it disappeared again. Rubbish!!!

If you’ve been roleplaying for many years you might remember a website called the “Games Online Directory”. The directory was like a yellow pages for roleplaying games and was very popular back in 2000 -2004, when the website went offline very suddenly without any warning. Many people who used the site to advertise their games were not notified and lost all adverts to their site, and all the site’s banners and affiliate links suddenly turned blank.


Back when it was popular, the Games Online Directory had over 100,000 hits a year, it was a popular destination for people searching for games, and for people advertising their games. But with such a long absence, it’ll have to build up that audience all over again.

It might now look much now, but with some cool new features added, the Games Online Directory has the potential to really benefit the roleplaying community. We’ll just have to wait and see what Nick pulls out of the bag!