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A quick guide to accessing SciWorld


SciWorld is an online convention for roleplayers, taking place in a chatroom. There are two main rooms, each with a different topic of conversation. You can see the full schedule here.

Chat room #1: Click here to open 

Chat room #2: Click here to open

I’m a bit of an IRC novice, it all seemed a bit weird and old-fashioned to me until I gave it a try recently. If you’re experienced with IRC then you can probably ignore this instructions. But if you’re a beginner (like me tbh!) I’ve listed some of the most important things here.

Getting started in the chat

Choose nickname

Pick a nickname and press connect, and you’ll be taken immediately into the chat. It’ll look something like this:

Chat window

You’ll see the current chat in the main window, and the other members listed on the right.

Sending private messages to another member

You can send a private message to another member by clicking their name on the right, and selecting “PM”. You’ll then be able to type your private message.

Want to be in both chatrooms at once?

This is something I found tricky at first, I tried having separate channels open in different browser windows but this doesn’t work (unless you want to have a different username in each). What you have to do is join the first chat room, then type /join #swoc2 to open the 2nd.

Want to change your nickname?

To change your nickname type in /nick followed by your new nickname. Eg:

/nick ArnoldRimmer

Other info

We’re using the Dark Myst chat channels, so all their terms and conditions apply. Basically, don’t act like a tit or they’ll ban you! 😀