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SciWorld online convention for roleplayers coming soon

SciWorld celebrate roleplayingHi roleplayer dudes! At the start of May there’ll be an online chat event for all us roleplayers called SciWorld. SciWorld isn’t a new thing, it’s been a yearly thing for 10 years, and last year OngoingWorlds had the amazing opportunity to sponsor it, which meant I banged on about it enough to bore you all into a coma! But as it happens, it was all worth it, because it was an amazing event, and loads of roleplayers all got together for a chat, shared ideas, got to know new people, and generally had a good time.

This years will be happening on Wednesday May 1st – Friday May 3rd. So that’s a 3 day convention. What’s best (In my opinion) about SciWorld is it’s a convention you can attend in your pyjamas. It’s completely online, and takes place in a chatroom. 

It’s early days for SciWorld 2013 though, not much has been announced so far. But speaking to the organisers, I know people are needed to host chats across the 3 days. If you look on the page for SciWorld 2013 on SimEnc, you’ll see right now that only 2 slots are accounted for. I’m sure this will fill up soon as new talks are announced. Meanwhile though if you’re interested in hosting a talk, get in touch and I’ll pass your details onto the organisers. Hosting a chat is a good opportunity to meet new people, introduce an interesting chat topic, and subtly let people know about your game.

If you want to know what sort of talks there have been in the past, have a look at the schedule for SciWorld 2012, and 2011. It’s actually been running for 10 years, so you could have a look at all previous years listed here.