The FFS Approach To Problems

DavidThis article was written by Chele on her RPG-D blog, I asked if I could repost it here because I think it’s got some really useful tips for GMs and moderators of roleplaying games who have to deal with difficult members, and how to handle problems correctly. You can see it’s original incarnation here. Chele is a moderator of the Interitus RPG.


Chele has been roleplaying for over 10 years

When we get a problem with a member, it can usually lead us to going oh FFS! It’s a normal reaction, we would like everyone to get on, and for things to run smoothly with epic plots and interesting characters. When somebody disturbs the equilibrium of this by causing OOC drama, it can really tick us off.

However, in this case, the FFS approach does not stand for For F***s Sake, but instead Fair, Firm, Smart, and is a method for dealing with these issues from a staff point of view. Read More