Will you be looking forward to the “Day of Fudge”?

Lovely fudge

I don't mean this type of fudge...

Every year the first Saturday of June is the “Day of Fudge” where fans of the Fudge RPG system are encouraged to run Fudge game events out in public. This year it will be held on June the 4th.

What is Fudge?

Good question. Fudge is a tabletop roleplaying game, this blog doesn’t usually focus on tabletop roleplaying, we usually talk about Play-by-post games (or some people call them PBEMs or sims). In play-by-post games we prefer to concentrate on the story and our characters, rather than worrying about levelling up our characters XP, or rolling dice. So you might wonder why we’re talking about Fudge here?

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