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How to give awards to members of your game

Award trophyWhy not reward the members in your game for taking part, and writing great posts? Some players work really hard to create an interesting storyline, and write great dialogue between characters. It’s time you gave them a little something for their effort!

We’ve been testing a new awards feature that has previously only been available for a very small amount of games. To have the ability to give awards to your members you had to sign up for it here (but now they’re available to everyone!

How to give a user an award

I’ve recorded a video showing you how easy it is, or if you don’t want to watch the video, scroll down and read the article.

Go to the members page of your game (make sure you’re logged in as an Administrator). You’ll see buttons next to each player saying ‘Give Award’, click this.

You’ll now be able to choose an existing award to give to this player, or add another.

At the top you’ll see two tabs:

Awards for this game – These are awards you (or another Administrator) have created previously, and only exist within your game.

All awards – These are public awards. There’s some example awards in here you can give to your players too, these are quite generic awards like award for ‘Great writing’, ‘Member of the month’ and ‘Best flashback’.

Select one of these awards that you want to give to this player, and then type in a reason you’re giving the award in the textbox. You might be giving it because they’ve been really active this month, or because of some really great storytelling.

Click ‘Give Award’, and this will put the award on the user’s profile, and also email them letting them know.

Adding a new award

You might not want to choose any of the default awards, and want to make your own. Click ‘Add new award’ at the bottom, and you’ll be shown a textbox where you can enter the name of a new award.

You can add an award for anything, maybe because their character helped rescue the princess, or to award a member for being helpful in advertising your game to get new members.

This award will be added into the list at the top, where you can select it and give it to the member.

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