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Inner Child: Young Characters

hey arnold

Have you ever wanted to go back in time and make things better in your childhood? Do things differently? Tell the bully on the playground to shove off? Luckily, you are a roleplayer! Even better, you’re on OW! But simply putting a young age on your character and a cute picture of a kid as the character profile picture does not a child make. It’s all in their mannerisms and speech patterns.


A child trusts authority figures while teens/young adults do not. And Adults don’t trust anyone but themselves. Wow. Being an adult is sad. Anyway, keep in mind that those with power are seen as all knowing. They are bigger and older, so they must be seen as knowing more. Oh, teachers live at school. Seeing them outside of the school is like seeing a tiger in your back yard: scary.


Children, when raised right, are polite and respectful. As humans, we grow less trusting, less respectful, and loose our manners. It’s just a fact that this happens. It’s sad, really, when you think about it. In the 1800 and earlier, manners were enforced. Now a days, so many laws are designed to keep children safe, that it’s hard to figure out how to discipline. And all parents know that “reasoning with a child” doesn’t work, because they just don’t care.


Even the way they talk is unique. Older than oldest is “olderer”, better than best is “bestest”, more than most is “mostest”, and so on. Words like “comprehensive” is easily mispronounced and its funny. They even make up words that have no connection to any real words. Adults could never understand their special language.

Magic in Everything

Lastly, their view of things is so special. A tree is a hotel for squirls and birds, a hollow log is a gateway to a new place, and the storm raging outside is giants bowling and one of them got a strike. The woods they aren’t allowed to enter is home to a witch in a gingerbread house that kidnaps children who don’t listen to their parents and makes them clean the basement, where they are eaten by the monster she keeps hidden in there. Everything is fantastical! Isn’t that just awesome?!

A young character can add something special to a game. They add vibrance and imagination. A game with kids with few adults can be fun. But remember to make them flawed. Kids aren’t perfect. Not like adults, but still. Being an adult sucks. WHEN WILL THE TIME MACHINE BE FINISHED?!