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30 awesome-sounding Aztec names that you probably can’t pronounce

Aztec or Mayan warriors

Sometimes finding a unique name is difficult, but at least these names aren’t common! If you need Aztec-sounding names, for NPCs or player characters in your story or game, choose from this list. 

As far as I know, these aren’t real Aztec names, but they do sound quite convincing.

1 Atzocihtli Xechili
2 Calpichtzin Quilehtli
3 Chalicalli Ciutlamacachtzin
4 Chinanteotl Calpuchchalli
5 Chuchocoani Incatantoatl
6 Chuchotzin Calpimec
7 Coachiutal Icpalpac
8 Coachtzin Telpochiutal
9 Coazci Quactlan
10 Icpacalli Teohuacac
11 Icpahtli Atzamec
12 Icpamecs Coatl
13 Incataquetzal Teohuacalli
14 Iyamec Atzalec
15 Macueali Telponteotl
16 Macueatzin Teohuahtli
17 Pimecs Calpicoani
18 Pintoatl Toalpulec
19 Pioquetzal Quelantoatl
20 Quactlan Atzocictlan
21 Quacuitl Mimec
22 Quamec Tlenecoani
23 Quelamecs Ciutlamacamecs
24 Quelpac Telpolec
25 Quichtzin Ciutlamacali
26 Quilecoatl Xitlamec
27 Quilemec Tlenemic
28 Quilentoatl Quactli
29 Tealtiazci Atzociquetzal
30 Telpochtzin Tleneli

There’s even more Aztec names on the Ennead games website (see it here), which is where this list came from. Go there, he’s also got loads of great random lists for names that are dead useful, especially for roleplaying.

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