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Promoting the site

man crashing bike

This week the OngoingWorlds website kept crashing

Server Crashes

After going live two weeks ago, we’ve had a few problems with the web hosting this week which means that the site kept going down at certain times of the day. This caused a really nasty “Internal server error” screen replacing the lovely graphics of the website.

This has now been fixed and I haven’t noticed any errors since.

Promoting the site

This server downtime especially annoying this week as I’ve been working hard to promote the website as much as possible. I’ve added the website to some web-directories, as the more websites that point to us the better, this improves our ranking in Google. I’ve obviously made sure that I’m posting it in the correct places, as spamming forums would just have the opposite effect to our google ranking and might actually get OngoingWorlds blacklisted from Google!

Sites where I’ve submitted to so far are :

All of these had a section specifically for Play-by-email games, or online text-based games, so I know I’ve been submitting it in the correct places.

Also I’ve been trying to get listed on some sites which specialise in PBEM or PBP games. I’ve requested links from:

There are also some existing sites which offer you a way to host a PBEM on their site, either through wiki or a forum. I want to get some links from those, even if it means contributing to some existing games that people have made, and setting a link in my footer to link to the OngoingWorlds website. This might seem like I’m spamming the site, but I can’t bring myself to do that, so I’ll join and only contribute decent content. This will also teach me a thing or two about how other people run PBP games, and help me hopefully get their feedback about OngoingWorlds and how I can make it better.

Here’s a list of sites I’ve been looking at which I might soon join and introduce myself, and eventually join a game.