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New mobile style

Samsung Galaxy S2

Have you noticed how you use your mobile phone differently to a computer? Because of the small screen of a smartphone, apps usually push content into one narrow column that you can scroll down through.

When I originally created the OngoingWorlds design, I hadn’t thought of this, so never created a mobile specific stylesheet until now.

When I created a survey a few months ago one of the big things that people asked for was a chat box, which I created. The 2nd most requested item was to make the site work better on mobile phones, which ironically was one of the first topics on the chat box.

So what I’ve done is created a new style which you’ll see if you access the site normally from a mobile device. You’ll notice all content pushed into a narrower column, so you only have to scroll vertially, not left and right and zoom in like before.

Mobile view - portrait

Many smartphones display websites differently though, so if you have any problems please let me know because it might be a problem I’m not aware of. Just comment below or contact me here.