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First Person Fortnight 2013

First person fortnight

Greetings, Ongoing Worldlings! I come to you with an important message… A message that IT is almost upon us.

No, not the Festive Season (ick), I’m talking about something far more fun: First Person Fortnight!

Due to being a ‘few’ (ahem) months late, this year’s FPF will be a little different – it’s still an Ongoing Worlds wide event, but it will be down to each game’s GM and moderators to choose their favourites, and award their own in-game trophies. More on this below.

What ‘writing in the first person’ means:

It means writing from your own – well, your character’s – perspective. So, rather than writing: “He went and did so and so,” you say “I did so and so”.

For example, instead of saying:

Salti gazed at King Alex, both hating and loving him in equal measure. She shifted uncomfortably in her seat as the confusing mass of butterflies in her stomach refused to stop fluttering.

You might say:

I looked over at the bratty twerp, finding myself attracted to him, despite his selfish, greedy nature. I tensed my muscles, trying to hold still the butterflies in my stomach, but they fluttered on, regardless. I hadn’t felt so confused since Annabel Johnson had tried to kiss me in the playground.

Use it any time.

I write therefore I am (A roleplayer! Yeehaw!)Of course, you can write in first person whenever you feel like it, not only during First Person Fortnight! It’s a fun thing to do and a great way to work on (and play around with) your writing flexibility.
It can help a writer connect more deeply with a character, to really put themselves in their shoes and feel what they’re feeling.

Once you return to third person, you might realise that while practicing in first person you’ve acquired some new skills, or insight which has enhanced or added a little extra flavour to your usual style. Never a bad thing, right?

Everyone’s invited to the party!

How to take part:

All games and players are invited to take part.

GMs and mods – why not suggest FPF to your members either with an OOC post, or via email? It’ll be fun, and you can also use it as an opportunity to whip up some interest in your game, with talk of the competition and the trophy/trophies on offer for Best Posts During First Person Fortnight.

If you’re a member of a game and think your GM or moderators are unaware of the event, and you fancy taking part, why not let them know it’s on? They might fancy it too.

Then, you just have to write some or all of your posts during FPF, in the first person.

Have fun!

Jack / Alex

First Person Fortnight will start on Monday the 9th of December and end on Sunday the 22nd of December.