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Official Ongoing Worlds TF2 Server Coming Soon!

OWPromo2 Hey guys! Tib here. I was a little busy today preparing something new for us OW members. Today, the official Ongoing Worlds Private Team Fortress 2 server took it’s baby steps today! Now the server is “made” but it is not finished. The features of the server include the default TF2 game modes such as Control Points, Attack/Defend, Payload, and Capture the Flag. A circulation of the popular TF2 maps such as Dustbowl, Steel, Hoodoo, Thunder Mountain, and DeGroot Keep. Now comes the private part [sorry about that, didn’t mean for it to sound dirty!] The server is password protected, in order to join you must have the password [duh]. Now this will not be the only private server I can make for OW. My next target for this will be Garry’s Mod sometime this spring or summer. This should be releasing sometime this month or next. In order to get access to the server, you must provide proof of OW membership. If you don’t have the game, it is free on the Steam Marketplace. Along with this you can submit your steam username and be invited to join the OW steam group! Hopefully I will see you all there! PREPARE TO FIGHT FOR ONGOING GLORY! ***Please note that you will not receive the password until the server is up and running. The day the server starts up you will receive an email with information on how to find it if you submit the information below***