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Need new members? – Don’t Forget Your Friends

Friends can be roleplayers too

The wait can be unbearable. It can be a year or a week. But however long we have to wait for the next episode of our favorite series, we can’t wait for that day to come (or year, though that can test our patience; we’re looking at you, Sherlock!). But then we have the inevitable problem: have our friends watched it yet? Why does that matter to us? Because we like sharing things that interest us with the people we care about.

Our friends are important to us and help shape who and what we are. As much as we share our interests with them, they share theirs with us. It’s likely that we may enjoy a band, a movie, or a television show because our friends shared it with us. If not for their recommendation, we wouldn’t even know how great something is.And once we share an interest in common with our friends, doesn’t it become more rewarding? We now have someone close to us that we can relate experiences and stories, tidbits and ideas with.Is your game struggling to get members? No doubt you have advertisements out to attract those great writers that would fit into the niche that your game provides. Even your Twitter account gets retweeted by those random people that could turn out to be future members.

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Every one of us that has some kind of online writing community, whether it’s live chat sim or a play-by-post roleplaying group, wants to find a new pool of potential writers or members. As much as we all want to wish for a secret place that we can advertise or promote our games, there are no such places on the internet.But have you considered a group of people that likely have never been reached by another game’s advertising? Does such a group of people exist?Your friends.

For all of the things that you share in common with your friends, could any of them be future members of your game? Perhaps some of them just like to write. Others may enjoy the idea of letting their minds escape from real life for a short while as they explore the life of a fictional character. And if your friends enjoy the same genre of movies that your game is in, perhaps they would be interested in trying to create a story of their own.

We all want people that we can write and tell stories with. But sometimes, the people that might willing to write with us are the ones we never ask, and they’re also the ones closest to you. Why not send one of them a text and ask them to join your game?

This article was written for us by FSF Josh.