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When moderators hog the top positions

Captain Zapp Brannigan from Futurama

Sometimes players who’ve been in a game for a long time occupy the top positions in an RP. When I say top positions I mean the real important characters, the Captains, Admirals, Principals etc. With veterans and moderators taking the best character roles, what about the new members? How can they move up the ladder if all the top positions are filled? If there’s no progression, will they get bored?

There’s a discussion on RPG-D about this, which is worth checking out. They actually talk about the top roles being “canons” which I don’t agree with at all, but that’s another article!

But I do sometimes see moderators or game veterans hogging the top roles in the game. Like the Admiral, Captain, Commander etc if it were a military or Star Trek game. This can lead to dead wood or even in-breeding (as described in this article).

What I actually think should happen is that after a while of being at the top the moderators should play the LOWEST ranking characters, to see what it’s like. They can sill drive the story in a direction, but it allows newer players to get the cool jobs and have some fun. Better that than havng a glass ceiling.

I believe a talented GM can lead the story from any role. Many might disagree of course, but then it depends on how much you trust your fellow players to take the story into an interesting direction. You might not even need to lead the story at all.

What do you think? Comment below.