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Does your character have unique traits?

The Oatmeal eating spiders

We all put effort into creating our characters. Some of them are unique, some are not. We might think about what their personality is like, and what traits they have. There’s some ideas listed in the article here, which lists believable traits. But “believeable” isn’t always unique. 

Making your character memorable

In the article I posted last week I said “As roleplayers we have a responsability to write other characters as their owners intended”. This is quite difficult if it’s a complex character. If someone IS going to write about your character, you’ve got to make sure their character biography is descriptive enough – OR that the character is simple enough for someone else to write.

Giving your character some unique traits is gtreat for making them memorable, and easy to write too (if the trait is clear enough). Here’s some ideas for memorable character traits:

  • Extreme hunger for a certain type of food or drink means they’re always craving it
  • A certain type of food or drink affects their personality (cake makes them sneeze, blackberry juice makes them fly)
  • Unhealthy sexual attraction to something unusual
  • Can’t speak to women without being drunk
  • Is allurgic to wood
  • Says “like” at the start of every new sentence
  • Turns green on Thursdays
  • Character keeps a family of small creatures in their pocket

Feel free to let us know about your character’s unique traits in the comments below. Or comment with some other ideas.

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