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Do you contact your players? Do it now!

duck just saying hello to rolepayersIf you’re a game owner, it’s important to keep in contact with your players for many reasons. You might want to chat about the story, how the game is going, or just chat in general. 

Here’s some ideas to ask new players:

  • Do you understand what to do? (this will allow you to help them if not, and avoid any bad first posts)
  • Is there anything about the game you’re finding difficult?
  • How did you find the game?

Here’s some ideas to ask players who’ve been around a while:

  • How do you think the last plot went?
  • Do you have any ideas for the next plot? (everyone likes their opinions feeling valued)
  • Is there anything specific to add to the main plot that will benefit a character’s sub-plot?
  • What was the best plot in the history of the game?

If you contact your players a lot, maybe you’ve got ideas of topics to suggest. Add them in the comments below.

  • Tiberius Creations

    I email people in my games and usually never get a response back :c

  • cmdrwhitewolf

    Well Tib, hopefully it just isn’t a case of your emails winding up in their spam folders.

    While that might be the problem, you might also have the situation where certain players really don’t care to do any communication outside the game forum itself, (especially when people setup their acct using bogus email addys and stuff because they want that extra level of autonomy from the site) which can cause lot’s of issues for people like us trying to run our games.

    It’s that very sort of problem which was one of the reasons I used to make it a stated requirement/rule for them to be in the game that they at least emailed me upon their character creation/discussion in my RPG games which I ran on other sites (I’m on Game Mastering hiatus right now and thus haven’t created any games here on OngoingWorlds yet), just to make certain that I (at least) knew that my emails were getting through to them and they were responding back.

    Plus, my having those confirmed email addresses was just one of those ‘tools’ in my box for how I often ran my games – I sometimes need to set up or resolve various ‘off camera’ game actions for player characters since I generally run D&D style games which can sometimes get quite combat heavy! 🙂