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Simming Prize Nominations Now Open


The Simming Prize Image by Jack Carter

It’s that time of year again! Time for us simmers and roleplayers to put down our D-20 dice or autosave our posts on OW and nominate for the biggest award in simming, The 2014 Simming Prize! (The Simmy’s if you prefer)

What is the Simming Prize?

The Simming Prize is the oldest and most prestigious inner-simming award. The prize was first awarded in 1999 and has been awarded every year since. This year, like every year, the 2014 Prize will be offered to the most outstanding games, individuals, and organizations that represent the best that simming and online roleplay has to offer. Nominations will be open through the  middle of January.

How do I nominate?

You can nominate by clicking this pretty glowing text or you can visit

How many times can I nominate someone?

Please make as many nominations as you see fit, and thank you for your interest and participation. Without your nominations, the prize couldn’t be awarded.

Who is the guy on the medal?

Seth Cotis was a simmer who passed away in 2005 due to complications from Diabetes.  The Prize was renamed in his memory shortly thereafter.  Seth is most known for being one of the founders of Starfleet Legacy Alliance (SLA).  He previously served in United Space Federation before co-founding SLA.  He also had an extensive career in the Simming League, where he served as the organization’s president for one term in 2002.  Seth is best remembered, however, for being a great guy and for being absolutely committed to the craft of simming and the greater community.  That’s why the prize is named after him.

youtherealmvpRemember to click that pretty glowing text to head off and nominate for the 2014 Simming Prize. And I want to thank FSF Ignatius for hosting the event and including Ongoing Worlds. All the simmers out there. And of course Seth Cotis for his longtime dedication to Roleplaying and the legacy he is leaving behind. Without the dedication from all of you, this prize wouldn’t be possible.

Thank you very much guys, Keep Calm and Keep Ongoing! And get those nominations in!