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3 reasons the auto-save might not work

hedgehog typingJust had an email from someone who’s lost a post they spent time writing, and then lost it all when they computer crashed. I would have been so angry! Luckily this person wasn’t the aggressive type, or had at least calmed down before emailing me to let me know that it might be broken.

In most cases the auto-save would have saved the post, as it does every minute, but there can be times when it will fail.

  • If the browser isn’t connected for the internet for some reason (maybe just a browser error, or a dodgy connection),
  • If you’ve logged out (maybe you’ve been logged in a long time without any activity or you’ve got software in the background that deletes cookies).
  • You’re logged in on another computer or device and on the “New post” screen. This can confuse things and try to autosave the content in both, even if one is blank.

Just had an email back from the user, looks like it was the 3rd reason above, with an iPad. Well, just thought you guys should know anyway!