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5 Things Leading To Game Inactivity


Nobody likes inactivity. Inactivity can ruin a whole game, even the best ones, with the best core ideas. So here’s some tips on keeping an active game.

#1- Game Moderators need to be active and post

Game moderators have the responsibility to post, set up the plot and everything relating to the story. Setting up the game isn’t enough. Game moderators (or makers) also have to take an active part in posting in the story. They should be an example for all the others to base off of. Since the person who created the game knows a lot about the topic he created, he/she should show others through posts what is expected and how specific parts and details of the game work.

#2 spehlling rigtt

Spelling is also a major part of the ‘game quality’ as I like to call it. If people join your game and loads of grammar and spelling errors, the game will look a lot less pleasing to them. What I do in my game Fairy Tail Reborn, is every time there is a spelling mistake, as the game moderator, I fix it. Plus, having perfect grammar/spelling interests people more in your game and makes them like it more, which builds up to the active game you want.

#3 Cliffhangers

Yes, you saw this one coming. Be sure to insert cliffhangers at the end of every major plot post. An example of this would be inserting “Jane was panting, sweat pouring down her forehead while the thumping in her ears wouldn’t stop. She had finally escaped the aliens, on the vast spaceship. But at the end of the corridor, she noticed a small shadow creeping out of the corner. And it was getting bigger.” This would create a minor plot for the next person to post, either if they were someone good, trying to save the person, or the shadow itself. It also inserts a tension in the story. I know everyday after school, the first website I get on is OngoingWorlds, to check on my game, and I get really excited when I see new posts, because I know the people that post, post very well and end with cliffhangers.

#4 DO NOT Reply Immediately

Apart from being ultra-creepy, that also annoys the player you just responded to. They had just puts lots of effort into making a post, and now that you made another post, it forces them to post again, have to sit down again and type. This once in a while can be alright, but doing it casually can be stressful, especially if it’s a two person posting sequence time. (Only two people)

#5 Do not post too many OOCs

Yes OOCs are mostly good, but a lot of them, posting confusion, etc, can really get the story off topic. Better have one OOC, and then let the GM post one, don’t worry, they will post a good one explaining everything.

Well, that’s it for me today! See you later!

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