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Ongoing Worlds Desktops [Free]

header_monster_homeWell, it’s about that time! After a few days [couple of weeks really] A portion of the Ongoing Worlds desktops have been created! There will be a collection for free OW desktops in different sizes and resolutions and some for donors only [such as custom OW desktops] See below for the current desktops available!

OW DSKTOP 1600 900“I ♥ PBP”


– Sean Mooney “Tiberius”






– David Ball “Onion”




desktop-stripey 1366x768



– David Ball “Onion”






– David Ball “Onion”




As of this moment [Saturday, April 11th, 2015]: Smart phone backgrounds will be out soon along with donor wallpapers. As for dual screen users, that might take a while. We’re going to stick with standard desktops and backgrounds for now and work on bigger stuff like that later. Keep on the look out for updates on what is available! Soon there will be a page up for you to get those wallpapers!


Alright all, that’s it for now. I’ll see you guys later! KEEP CALM AND KEEP ONGOING!

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  • I downloaded all of them. These are amazing!

  • Look!

    • Great!

      • Max Reno

        Woah…how do you only have 11 desktop icons? That’s insane. Quick count I’ve got 113….wow.