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Flashback story – Fredda, Lady Winter

This is a story submitted as part of the Flashback week competition. It’s written by Charlotte Willow-Edwards from the roleplaying game Shattered Realities.

Fredda, Lady Winter

The bitch was dead.

Dead, or at least gone forever. It seemed to be generally accepted now and she hoped, she desperately hoped, that it was true. There was no place in the world for that one.

While Lady Winter had no illusions about how she herself was viewed, she was surely a shining light in comparison to the pretty little girl who could, and had, ripped out human souls and ruined lives in a moment’s pique. Pretty child in her little pink dress, with her simpering smile and her recently assumed false air of servility. All an act to hide the demon beneath. Read More


Flashback story – Roquel Atrell

 This is a story submitted as part of the Flashback week competition. It’s a Star Trek story written by Richard LeValley from Star Trek Borderlands.

Roquel Atrell

Roquel stepped inside her quarters and shut the door. Her need for another connection to the K.I.S.S. simulator would have to wait. She only hoped that the engineers and Marius could fix the units like they wanted to before it really got out of hand.

She humphed and flopped down on the bed. ~If I had the resources that I used to, there wouldn’t be any need for the third rate connections on a backwater planet like Setlin.~ She closed her eyes, and fell to sleep with thoughts of days past lingering on her subconscious. Read More