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Flashback story – Roquel Atrell

 This is a story submitted as part of the Flashback week competition. It’s a Star Trek story written by Richard LeValley from Star Trek Borderlands.

Roquel Atrell

Roquel stepped inside her quarters and shut the door. Her need for another connection to the K.I.S.S. simulator would have to wait. She only hoped that the engineers and Marius could fix the units like they wanted to before it really got out of hand.

She humphed and flopped down on the bed. ~If I had the resources that I used to, there wouldn’t be any need for the third rate connections on a backwater planet like Setlin.~ She closed her eyes, and fell to sleep with thoughts of days past lingering on her subconscious.


“Roquel!” Maximilan called after his wayward daughter. “You never take things seriously. Why won’t you pay attention, when I’m trying to share my knowledge of the industry with you?”

The industry, that her father referred to, was his pride and joy. As one of the biggest developers on Risa, he ran 8 separate resort areas. These various investments netted him enough financial freedom to do whatever he wanted, but he wouldn’t be around forever. He needed an heir. Roquel, his 22 yr old only daughter, was to be that heir. If she’d just PAY ATTENTION.

The auburn haired girl looked at her dad with pity and disinterest all rolled into one. “Dad, I’ve told you, Risa is pretty and all… It offers security and a future that any girl should be happy to have. But, I”m not just any girl. I want adventure! I don’t care about financial security and the safety of a controlled environment. I don’t want this!”

Maximilian slammed the ledger book on the table, which made his daughter flinch reflexively. He leveled his finger at her and laid into her for her wanton ways. “You are going to regret your impertinence and your ingratitude one of these days. Everything I’ve done has been for you and your mother. The least you could do is show some respect for it, and take an interest. Beings come from all over the quadrant to stay in one of our establishments. They pay good money. You’ll never want for anything, Roquel! NEVER!”

The lecture was so much like some of the others that they’d had that Roquel that it rankled her. She pushed away from the table and moved away. Her father’s eyes bored into her back as she walked. He shook his head, once again, in frustration.

Turning to face him, Roquel opened up, completely, but only from the safety of a 10 ft distance. “Dad, there is a whole universe out there. There are worlds that I’ve never seen. There are things that I will NEVER get to do, if I tie myself to this giant albatross. I DON”T WANT IT!” She screamed “How many times do I have to tell you? I don’t want controlled climates. I don’t want cushy armchairs and beach blankets with my name on them. I….want….out!”

Maximilan couldn’t understand his daughter. Try as he might, he simply could never get through to her about the importance of financial security and living a comfortable life. Irritated he stood up and took a step toward her. He’d reclaimed the ledger book and now he waved it at her like it was the Risan version of the Holy Bible. “Roquel, do you want to deny this? Do you seriously want to turn your back on all that I’ve built for you? You can’t be that big a fool! No offspring of mine could EVER be that stupid!”

The words stung. -fool- -stupid- Whenever, someone disagreed with Maximilan Atrell, he lashed out with an anger unequaled by any. “You’d be surprised.” She said, simply and softly.


One week later, Roquel handed the outfitter several bars of latinum from her private stash.

Walking between rows of personal craft, the Risan woman could hardly contain her excitement and anticipation of what waited for her.

The Type 10 Enhanced, personal shuttlecraft had been in the family for a long time. It was sleek, powerful, and just what she’d always wanted. It represented independence and freedom. Dad would have killed her if he’d known that she had taken it upon herself to get it refitted like this. “So, are you sure that she’s entirely spaceworthy?”

Leonidus blinked. “You don’t doubt my work, do you? She’s 120% the ship she used to be. Not only will it be reliable as hell, it will make an excellent companion thanks to an integrated personality program that I’ve installed in the main computer. I’ve provided for a personal cabin on the port side, an excellent replicator system, and superior waste management systems.” He said proudly. “It’s not a short hopper any more. You could cruise in that baby for years.”

The two past beyond the other craft, and there it was. The Bee, her own personal escape craft. It glistened with newly applied yellow and black paint. Roquel’s eyes went wide as saucers at the site of her. She stopped and gawked, awestruck. “Leonidus, you’re a master.”

“I know.” He responded. He looked at her curiously, then. “Exactly how long a trip are you planning on taking, Miss Atrell?

The young woman smiled broadly. “As far as I know….I’m never coming back.”