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The First Person Fortnight competition

First person fortnight

This competition is now closed. Thanks for everyone who submitted. Please subscribe to this blog if you want to be emailed when the winner is announced.

First Person Fortnight is a great opportunity to really get into the head of your character (more details about the event here), but more than that it’s a chance to enter your stories into a competition! Simply write your story and then send it to us, for a chance to win! The final date for competition entries is the 22nd of July.

Who will judge the competition?

We’ve chosen a panel of roleplaying professionals to judge these stories. Each is a veteran of a different roleplaying game, so there shouldn’t be any favouritism or bias. Just so there’s no lobbying going on, the identity of the judges will be kept secret! Read More


Announcing First Person Fortnight

First person fortnight

First Person Fortnight is a 2-week event where writers and roleplayers are encouraged to write a story in first person perspective. Submit your story to us to be judged by a panel of expert writing ninjas! (I’ll post a link to a form where you can submit your story closer to the event).

First person perspective isn’t usually used, in favour of third person perspective, so this will be a good exercise to get inside your character’s head and really get to grasp with how they think, and their outlook on life. If you’re not familiar with writing like this, give it a go, it’s only for 2 weeks! If you write like this all the time, great! You’ll find it even easier!

First person fortnight will take place between the 8th – 22nd of July. If you’re writing in that week, make sure you’re writing first person. Read More