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How to be a good moderator

Angry teacher

I cannot, for the life of me, remember quite where, but somewhere, someone once said, “Hey, someone should write a blog article on being a good moderator.” No-one did, to my knowledge. And, yes, I know that I might not be the best moderator in the world (or on the website) but this is my opinion of what’s right and what’s not. Sort of. Read More


How can you only allow good writers into your game?

writing on paperWe all want our roleplaying games to be a great experience, to be fun community, and a place where our members express ourselves through their characters. Also we want to read really interesting stories from other members in the group, and it’s really annoying if the game gets filled up with terrible writers.

We only want to allow good writers into our game

Not everybody is an award-winning author, not everybody is that great at writing. But it helps to be competent, and come up with good stories that everyone can understand, follow along with, and join in with their own characters.

If you’re the GM of a game, you have to make a decision about who to join your game. You’re under pressure to only let good writers in, otherwise bad writers might ruin everything.

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