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Moving beyond legacy content is essential


Written by Andrew Facemire.

After a period where I was in a malaise as a host of my long-running chat-based RPG, Excalibur, I began to realize that, for a variety of reasons, many of the plot-threads I was expecting players to work with were, to them, what many of the “legacy” storylines I inherited were to me when I came aboard almost ten years ago. Read More


If I toss you out an airlock, yes, you will die. Alternate Ideas for Dealing with Mary Sues and Godmodders

This post was written by Andrew Facemire who runs the USS Excalibur RP. 


Recently, like earlier this week, while reading some of the great work David has been doing with role playing here at OngoingWorlds, I was reminded of my own dealings with various godmoders and Mary Sues over the years. Read More