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Fallfest 2012 – IRC event for roleplayers

Fallfest banner

DavidThis article was written by Charles Star of Independence Fleet. Fallfest is similar to SciWorld, a chat event that ran a few months ago, but at a much more friendly time for Europeans. This sounds like a good idea to me, I was asleep when the best bits of SciWorld were happening!

Charles StarWe’re less than a week away from FallFest ’12!  What is FallFest, you might ask?  Well, it’s actual name is the Simming Fall Festival, and it’s an annual extravaganza held in online IRC chat rooms.

So this year on Friday, September 21st, role players from around the globe will come together to celebrate their craft: online simming and role playing.  We’ll meet for discussions, trivia games, and live sims hosted by some of the most talented and celebrated role players on the net.  With everything from Star Trek to Buffy, we’re sure to have something for you!

This year’s festival is chaired by Jonathan Swift of the USS Asimov. Swift has been in the role play community for more than a decade, and is working very hard to present a great program for YOU.  Not only has he assembled a fantastic team of hosts and put together a full schedule of events, but he’s also secured Landon Wakeland to DJ the festival.  What a show!

FallFest was modeled after SciWorld, but scheduled to be more friendly for European time zones.  But whether you’re from Europe, the US, Africa, or the like, you’re welcome.  See you there… 6:45pm BST /1:45 pm EST!

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