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Nominations for the Squiddies

OngoingWorlds Medal for Superior Online Role Playing

It was the Oscars last night, and the week before we had the BAFTAS, and before that were the Golden Globes. Awards ceremonies recognising the best of cinema. Roleplayers and roleplaying games deserve awards too, and just like movie awards, these also come at once. SimEnc announced their awards last week, and we’re also going to award our “Squiddies” in the coming week.

But for now, how about I tell you who the nominations are?

The nominations

We’re giving a Squiddie award for 3 different entities, one person, one sim/game, and one club. These nominations were each submitted by roleplayers on a form on a previous blog article (voting is now closed). If your game, club or name doesn’t appear on the list below it means nobody has nominated you. We take all nominations seriously and judge each equally, whether there was many or one single nomination.

Best club

Here’s the nominations for best roleplaying club (in no particular order):

Best game

Here’s the nominations for best roleplaying sim/game (in no particular order):

Best roleplayer

Here’s the nominations for best roleplayer (in no particular order):

Due to the judges being unable to vote for their own games, OngoingWorlds, Blue Dwarf and USS Chuck Norris will be ineligible to win a Squiddie award.

We’ll be announcing the winners later this week 🙂