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FAQ – Can I transfer a game to another player?


I’ve decided it might be a good idea to write some articles here that answer some of the questions I get about functionality on OngoingWorlds. Might be useful for everyone right?

This one was asked by Melissa White on our Facebook pageCan I transfer a game to another player? 

Answer – Yes it can be done. But let me explain a few things first.

When a game is created, the name of the owner is saved in the database. This person becomes’ the game’s only moderator. When more players join the game, any of these can become moderators too, with all the same privillages of the owner (approve/decline pending members, delete posts etc).

Making a member a moderator

Changing a member’s status in the game

This second moderator can now unsubscribe the original owner from the game, and the game owner will be changed to the second moderator.


Members > Unsubscribe a member