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Random ghost, werewolf, vampire & zombie description generator


We’ve posted articles about random generators here before, because they’re relaly useful. I use them mainly if I need a character, alien or location name quickly. Recently though I’ve found a great site that has some really good descriptions that actually give you some details that maybe you wouldn’t have thought of before. 

Werewolf description generator

So the website I’m recommending for these descriptions is, and a good example of why it’s useful is that, say, your character encouters a werewolf. The werewolf description generator gives you more than just a name. Here’s an example.

This large adult wolf is male with a tawny coat.  He has a medium-length, average-width face and is a bit pudgy.  He looks deceptively cute, pounces anything that moves, and is cautious around strangers.

…and another.

This average-sized adult wolf is female with a sandy coat.  She has a medium-length, narrow face and is a bit pudgy.  She is a really picky eater, is a bit lazy, and is very friendly.

Okay so these examples are quite cute and cuddly. But what about zombies?

Zombie description generator

So your character encounters a zombie. It’s likely that if they see one zombie, they’ve seen many before. So why not add a bit more description to this one, instead of just another zombie? The Springhole zombie generator comes up with descriptions like this:

This female zombie is elderly and has brown eyes, a dark complexion, and curly red hair worn loose about the shoulders.  She is of average height, somewhat thin, and is wearing a slogan shirt.  She is quite fresh and is missing an arm, both legs, and both eyes.

Ghost description generator

So we all know what ghosts are, right? But what about the details? This ghost generator comes up with some details that might give this ghost character additional motivations than just another frightening ghost. Here’s an example:

This angry ghost was a male of 35 years of age.  He has a pale complexion, straight dull blond hair in a short braid, and green eyes.  He is a little short and somewhat thin.  He died in 1704 when executed.

Okay it’s not a particularly spooky example, but gives you some detail that you can work into your story perhaps. If you want some more ideas for how this ghost died, there’s a cause of death generator for that too which generates stuff like this:

Death was caused by sharp and blunt force trauma to the chest.


Death was caused by smoke inhalation.

Vampire description generator

Same with the Vampire generator, this generator creates an instant description. Like this:

This vampire is female with brown eyes, an olive complexion, and curly platinum blond hair cut short.  She wears a Renaissance dress and a pair of knee-high embroidered boots.  She also wears a long cloak, a feathered hat, and a cameo ring.  She is terrible at keeping secrets and enjoys ballet.


This vampire is male with green eyes, a pale complexion, and straight platinum blond hair worn loose about the shoulders.  He wears a pair of leggings, no shirt, and a pair of vintage shoes.  He also wears a silver pendant, a bowler hat, and a long vest.  He is infamous for wanton cruelty and is a novice dancer.

Okay so I feel like I’ve unfairly focussed on generators all from one website. So don’t forget that there’s loads of websites with random generators on, Ennead games has some great character name generators, Seventh Sanctum has a lot of great generators for fantasy games, and SciFi Ideas has some great generators for alien names & descriptions. So make sure you check those out too.

But don’t ever say you’re stuck for ideas when you can quite literally generate new ideas at the click of a button! 😛

The image at the top of this article is by Demonica33.