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I Made Something, And You Should Read It [It’s About Writing]

I'm tiredYeah, don’t ask me why the thumbnail to this is a picture of me really pissed off. I finished the thing and made this around 12:13 am and I have to work the same day so I was tired and cranky [pic’s a bit sloppy too]. But, long story short [trying to stride past my pissed off self] I wrote the first edition to something that could help you [or someone you know] with the in’s and out’s of the wonderful world of writing.

It’s called “Mr. Tib’s Questionable Guide To The Wonderful World of Writing!” and I made it with the sole purpose of helping you with writing and writing improvement in a simple and goofy way I think will make you laugh and learn at the same time while making a lot of sense. This is the first edition I hope that will be the first of a few. To check out the first edition, just click This Lovely Glowing Text and be sure to enjoy it as much as I enjoyed making it! [That picture is not a clear representation of how I felt when I was making it.]