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A Little Birdy Told Me…

This article was written for us by Emily Wake from the games Diamond of Heaven, Welvington’s Fate & more. 


When I started my first game on Ongoing Worlds, it was a big hit. I then made a Facebook page for it. That isn’t going to get you more members, but I thought it would allow the simmers the chance to know their fellow players and allow people the chance to see what was happening when they aren’t on Ongoing Worlds.

But then I decided to have a Twitter account for it. What does it take? Well, trouble for one. Come on, let’s face it, we don’t have the time to tweet every little post. So, what does it REALLY take to do a Twitter account for your game?

1. An email address

Like many a celebrity, most of us have a Twitter account. While you can use this, it is more like you are boosting your own stuff and picking others that you might know or have simmed with before. So, for your game, you would need a second email address. Yeah, talk about trouble. You woul d have to check two different emails to see what was going on DAILY. However, if you just happen to have a second email address, why not use it? I have a Yahoo! and a GMail account, so I fit here. This is how I made my second Twitter account. So far, its easy.

2. Pictures

Alright, now you have signed up for Twitter. Why not put up a profile picture and banner. Easy enough, right? All you need is a photo that is 400px by 400px for the profile and a pic that is 1500px by 500px for the banner. Not hard at all. Good luck finding what you need. I had to make my banner for Facebook, so I made one for Twitter too. The profile picture was by far the easiest.

3. Tweet Tweet

You have your Twitter page ready, your pictures up, and time for that first post! Yeahhhhhhh!!!!….. Where to start? I did a tweet sayin that it was up, even though no one knew. That fun lasted a whole minute. But, say you were lucky enough to have people follow you as soon as you informed them of the Twitter account, how do you keep them informed daily, even while you sleep? Well, why not use an outside force? I like Twitter Feed ( It’s free. You need to use the advanced settings to add some special things like a hashtag or link, even pictures.

Not so bad. It even lets you post to other social media sites, like Facebook. If anything happens, just click “edit” and you can fix it. Easy! To add your RSS feed, simply go to the “All Posts” page on your Ongoing Worlds game and it’s on the bottom left hand side. It’s as easy as right clicking, copy URL, and paste. Done and done!

Now you can inform the world of your game! That’s it! Not so bad! It’s just maintain it and the game. Remember that your Twitter page can always be changed, as can the Twitter Feed dashboard details. If your game should happen to die, the editing of both of those is essential. Just tweet the closing, and be done. You can always delete said Twitter account and use that email address for a new one. I would like to caution against multiple games having a Twitter account, as each new account needs its OWN email address. You can just make a Twitter page for all the games you mod and have multiple feeds sent to that page, each tweet having the game title as a hashtag for clarity and for hashtag’s sake. #HashtagsSake

This article was written for us by Emily Wake from the games Diamond of Heaven, Welvington’s Fate & more. If you’d like to write an article for us, send it through our contact us form.