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Best articles of 2018!

Hello! Here is a handpicked list of the best articles from 2018 (filtering out news) ordered by popularity (lowest to highest). These have been contributed by different people from our awesome community!

6. Things All Ongoing Worlds Members Should Know by Nim

5. How to RP on OngoingWorlds by Hosea Tuinakelo

4. Every RP has a crutch by Writing Bug

3. Outpost 42 is here by Major Tom

2. Using a personality test to flesh out your characters by Nim

1. Spelling tips part deux by Charles Star (part 1 is here)

I hope you all have a great 2019, and out community continues to grow like did throughout 2018! One of my favourite posts recently was this post by White_Caribou about their great experience of the first year on OngoingWorlds. It makes me very happy that people are enjoying using this website that I have made 🙂

If you want so see some stats for games with the most posts, and authors with the highest wordcount, you can see stats from 2018 here.