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Two big things I’ve learned by being on OngoingWorlds

This article was submitted to us by OngoingWorlds member Phineaus

There are two big things that I have learned by being on the site.

The first is that while I may enjoy reading different genres of writing, writing in them is not as easy as I thought it would be. I have jumped into two games and learned quickly that my style of writing did not fit. I have been enjoying reading the post and following the games, but it is hard to jump in a meaning full way. Because my writing style feels like a flat tire. 

The second is that I don’t mind killing off one of my characters. It may seem cruel to some, but sometimes you write yourself into a trap or don’t think the character through enough and it isn’t going to work as you want. So, sometimes they need to go. Some times it can help drive the story lines along as well.

One piece of advice…

One of the best things about OngoingWorlds is the people. Even with that things can get a little tense at times. People take their characters fairly seriously. There is also a fair amount of assumptions that people know what your thinking when they don’t really. From my perspective, that makes things interesting. My suggestion is to be literate and communicate more (Because I know you can write..)

I just wanted to share that I appreciate being able to trying to write in a different style, getting positive and critical feedback and different ideas from the others on the site.

Written by Phineaus

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