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Independence Fleet: 20 Years

Last year I got to mark my own 20th simming anniversary. This year I get to celebrate something even better: my club’s 20th anniversary. That’s right, founded all the way back on July 4, 2001, Independence Fleet turns 20 today. Given our humble and downright volatile beginnings, it’s hard to believe we’re still operating today. Nonetheless, here we are!

In addition to holding a Trivia Day earlier this year and a special Webcast yesterday (both with real prizes!), we also did our normal anniversary tradition of inducting the newest members of our Hall of Fame.

But a 20th anniversary calls for even more. With that in mind, this morning we published two items that we hope our members and the entire online role playing world can enjoy:

20th Anniversary Special Message
20th Anniversary Almanac

Thank you to everyone who played a role, no matter how small, during our 20 years of history. This moment belongs to you! And thank you to all other role players out there who make up the greater simming community that we are proud to be a part of. Together, we can keep this going for 20 more years and beyond.

Let’s go write!