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Need ideas for monstrous villains?

While some monsters are cute & cuddly (Monsters inc etc), mostly monsters mentioned in stories are are deadly creatures that send shivers down our spine. 

If you’re writing about monsters, you might want to provide a lot of detail to scare your readers, emphasising how ghastly and gruesome your scary monster is. Or maybe you just need to mention it by name? 

Here’s some tools for coming up with ideas for creating monstrous villains, including names and descriptions:

Monster name generator – This name generator gives you 10 random names for monsters, and there’s also a similar one at Seventh Sanctum here.

Villain name generator – This random generator is ideal for creating monstrous fantasy villains from another world, dimension, realm or planet.

Alien creature generator –  This randomly generates a name and description of alien beasts, vicious creatures which might attack you, or friendly creatures which might come over and lick you. Great for generating ideas.

Techno-Fantasy Monster name generator – Generates names and ideas for creatures that exist in worlds of both technology and magic

Kaiju Generator – Descriptions of giant monsters, including where it came from and special abilities. Very useful for coming up with ideas or if you want a full creature description pronto.

Random monster character to draw – This generator is intended as a prompt for artists to draw a Humanoid monster character. It gives ideas for the monster character’s appearance.