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SciWorld and FallFest Applications Update!

Sciworld - celebrate roleplaying

Good evening,

After much consideration by the Selection Committee we have decided that applications will be opened year round for SciWorld and FallFest hosts to make selection and application easier for all involved. These events are about working together and growing our combined knowledge and sphere of people we know in simming so putting any offering of help behind an application timeline isn’t in the best interest of anyone involved. We will also be dropping a formal application. Instead we ask that interested parties explain in their email why they believe they can help, what contributions they can make and how they would improve the process for hosting the event moving forward. We also ask that the person hosting on behalf of their organization reach out that way there is less hands in the jar. Direct communication makes life easier and means there is less email shuffling. Once a host is selected we will notify the contact person as soon as we have reached a decision. Please remember that feedback is the only way to make things better and how we improve so if you have feedback about the application process, how the con’s are run or something about the Discord please share your comments.

E-Mail to apply to host SciWorld or FallFest:

As a reminder we do intend to run SciWorld between May, June and July. FallFest tentative plans is some time in September, October or November.