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Using NPCs


Sometimes in our stories we need to throw in some Non Player Characters (NPCs) for our characters to talk to. These characters can vary in importance, they can either be someone who explains something very important to your character, or they can be a random security guy who gets killed in a nasty way. Read More


Adding details to secondary characters (aka NPCs)

Police chief Wiggam from the simpsons

I found this good article with advice for creating characters by Lori L. Lake, and there’s a great section about creating secondary/minor characters (in roleplay we normally call these NPCs because nobody specifically controls them). Read More


Use a random generator to give all your NPCs Japanese names

Commander farsight

If you’ve got a Star Trek game where you visit new planets often, or have a classic D&D party where you’re visiting one village to the next meeting different and interesting trbes of people, isn’t it cool when a new tribe you meet all have similar names – or names on a theme?  Read More