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Big Ideas Week Roundup

Last week, the website SciFi Ideas ( hosted a special event entitled ‘Big Ideas Week’. Its purpose was to celebrate the website’s birthday, and to encourage readers to share their science fiction ideas. While they only received 3 article submissions, that didn’t stop them posting lots of great new content to the site, including a total of 15 new story ideas.

SciFi Ideas also gave Ongoing Worlds a playful nudge on the shoulder by posting an article about the science fiction games we’re currently hosting.

In case Big Ideas Week passed you by, here’s what you missed…

Debt World

An original story idea by David Ball, webmaster of Ongoing Worlds. The entire planet is in debt to a neighboring world. The only solution is for everybody to spend, spend, spend. Consumerism goes crazy and only one man seems to acknowledge the madness.

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And original story idea by Mark Ball. Valnia is a cruel story about long-distance relationships and the future of human evolution, found in the back of a closet a decade after it was written.

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SciFi Games at Ongoing Worlds

An article listing all the science fiction role-playing games currently running at Ongoing Worlds.

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Meat and Grit

An original story idea by Mark Ball. In the future, all meat is artificially created. There is a growing demand for artificial human meat and artificial alien meat, and there black market can even provide the real thing.

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The Reserve

An original story idea by Mark Ball. A young man travels into the galaxy’s biggest nature reserve intent on hunting a vicious wild animal. The most complete story idea on SciFi Ideas to date.

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The Eldir

Profile of the Eldir, an alien species from the planet Aegir. The Eldir are aquatic bipeds who live on the ocean floor and along the shores of Aegir’s largest continent. They have large fins atop their heads through which they breathe.

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Planet Profile: Aegir. The home-world of the Eldir species. A cold world with large, brackish seas and only one large continent.

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The System

An original story idea by Mark Ball. Humanity has colonized a star system with multiple Earth-like planets, but we must share it with two alien species. When massive alien objects are discovered on each planet, a third alien species is revealed.

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Terraforming via Telepresence

An article about the possibility of terraforming other planets using remotely controlled robots. Submitted by author George Luis Lopez

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Cyberpunk Story Ideas

A list of 10 quick story ideas with a distinctly cyberpunk flavor. Everything from memory downloads to bio-mechanical horses.

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Planet of the Telepaths

A short submission by somebody calling themselves “O.K”. The article details how the conditions on another planet slowly transforms humans into telepathic beings.

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