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OngoingWorlds is the new Communique

Simming League

This article is written by Tigra Tigress who claims she has been “roleplaying since the beginning” and wrote about her history in roleplaying on this blog here. Tigra will be joining this blog as a regular writer, as well as Chas Hammer, which will effectively merge the Simming League with OngoingWorlds. Tigra explains:

Back in the beginning of simming time, when fleets were first created, there was also the start of newsletters. As time went on a few people decided that the simming community on AOL needed a more unified newsletter as there developed more fleets and as such more news. From there, a small group of players developed the first major inter-fleet newsletter, one that became known as the Communique (it’s name was based off the already established name of the Commlink from SpaceFleet OnLine of which it descended from but the desire to be unique). After the senior editor retired from the newsletter and passed the job on to a team of newer players interest in the Communique eventually declined as did the quality that it was known to bring. As such, the original Communique ended its first run.

In the 2011 SciWorld Online convention there was renewed interest in something from the old days of simming, a method for people from all over the simming community to keep in contact and pass on news to one another, in short the community wanted a return of the Communique in some form or another. After discussions off and on for much of the year, and now the transfer of power from the Simming League to OngoingWorlds, it has been decided that the Ongoing Worlds blog will be what the Communique was.

Starting soon, you can expect to see the start of several new features here on OngoingWorlds starting with the creation of a Star Trek monthly trivia, and the invitation for the creations of Star Wars, Battlestar Galactica, and any others people are interested in, more news about the different simming groups, interviews, and all the best information one can hope for. In short, OngoingWorlds is the new Communique.

Written by Tigra