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Simming League

This article is written by Tigra Tigress who claims she has been “roleplaying since the beginning” and wrote about her history in roleplaying on this blog here. Tigra will be joining this blog as a regular writer, as well as Chas Hammer, which will effectively merge the Simming League with OngoingWorlds. Tigra explains: Read More


2011 Tournament of Simulations


Two months and 27 sims later, the best games – the winners of the 2011 Tournament of Simulations – have been announced.

The Federation Sim Fleet (FSF) and the Starfleet Legacy Alliance (SLA), both venerable clubs noted for their chat sims, captured top honors in the chat sim category, with the USS Lionheart of the SLA winning as best Star Trek chat sim, and the Paragon of the FSF named the best Star Wars chat sim.  Starbase 27 of the SLA and the USS Providence of the FSF also earned marks, with Starbase 27 noted as the most creative chat sim, and the crew of the Providence named the best chat sim crew. Read More