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2011 Tournament of Simulations


Two months and 27 sims later, the best games – the winners of the 2011 Tournament of Simulations – have been announced.

The Federation Sim Fleet (FSF) and the Starfleet Legacy Alliance (SLA), both venerable clubs noted for their chat sims, captured top honors in the chat sim category, with the USS Lionheart of the SLA winning as best Star Trek chat sim, and the Paragon of the FSF named the best Star Wars chat sim.  Starbase 27 of the SLA and the USS Providence of the FSF also earned marks, with Starbase 27 noted as the most creative chat sim, and the crew of the Providence named the best chat sim crew.

Message board and e-mail games showed great diversity and verity, with sims from large clubs and independent games alike winning.  The USS Sunfire of Independence Fleet won as the Best Star Trek e-mail sim.  The NV Talwar, an Enterprise era game from SPC Simms, won as the Best Star Trek message board sim.  Blue Dwarf, an independent game, earned honors as the best Red Dwarf sim.  Two SLA message board sims also won as the best in their categories, with Torchwood 10 as the best Torchwood/Dr. Who message board sim, and the Monarch as the best Firefly message board sim.  A sim from Ajje Games, the Inn of the Wayward Traveler, was named the best D&D based message board sim, and another Ajje Games sim, the Shadow, won as the best original message board sim.  In the message board sim category, the crew of the USS Spectre from Star Trek: Freedom won as the best message board crew.  Duronis II Embassy/USS Thunder of the UFOP: Starbase 118 and USS Liberty of Independence Fleet were honored as the most creative message board sims.  On the e-mail side of the coin, Star Trek: Eternity from the Federation Sim Fleet won as the most creative, and Kepler Station from Taskforce 92 earned marks with the best e-mail sim crew.

The Tournament of Simulation is a competition organized by the Simming League and was first held in 1999.  During the Tournament, sims that wish to take part are visited by a team of judges, who evaluate the sim on a number of criteria.  Awards are given to the best overall sims, as well as sims judged to be the most creative (interesting, believable plot, good writing and execution), or have the best crew (well rounded, developed characters, and good teamwork/interaction within the sim).

Congratulations to all the winners!